Scope of the programme

Over the last thirty years, the prolific research conducted in the field of process engineering made it possible to accompany the evolution of the industrial transport and wastewater treament systems present in most large urban areas. Efforts in terms of innovation must today be oriented towards improving operation and maintenace practices of industrial systems. More precisely, the results of R&D must make it possible (1) to increase the level of mastery, control and optimisation of the treatment facilities by building the so-called "smart" plant, (2) to progress on questions concerning the ageing of facilities and (3) to accompany the changing role of the WWTP, today a de-polluting center, but tomorrow a center for matter recovery and recycling.


Created to progress towards these three major objectives, the Mocopee programme is built around four research axes devoted (1) to the building of innovative metrological tools (continuous measurement and methods for characterising matrices), (2) to the modelling and control of wastewater and sludge treatment processes, (3) to the integrity of wastewater transport and treatment systems, and (4) to innovative concepts (upstream research and matter recovery).


Four main research axis in the Mocopee programme

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Innover dans les pratiques de monitoring et d'exploitation des STEP - Enseignements tirés de la phase I du programme (2014-2017)

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