Characteristics of the programme

A pluridisciplinary and long-lasting programme

The Mocopee consortium is composed of scientfic teams specialised in different disciplines : (1) metrology, (2) mathematics (signal processing / data treatment), (3) wastewater engineering and process control, (4) WWTP modelling and (5) nitrogen biochemical cycle.

Mocopee is composed of five-years phases. For each of these phases, a scientific programme that meets both the scientific questions and industrial challenges is built in collaboration by the consortium of scientific and technical teams. This mode of operation is balanced. On the one hand, it has the advantage of being able to handle actions over the long term and, consequently, to be able to progress significantly on demanding scientific issues. On the other hand, it still maintains a required level of flexibility and adaptability since orientations are re-evaluated as needed on a regular basis.


A programme at the interface between industry and research

The lack of interactions between scientists and stakeholders or industrial actors in charge of the design and the operation of WWTP is frequently underlined. To this end, since the early 1970s, Irstea has been working to improve the design and technical operation of WWTP, in cooperation with national and territorial public organisms, universities and engineering schools, and through regular technical exchanges with the industrial partners and operators of WWTP. With the dismantling of public engineering, the results of these research efforts do not efficiently reach practitioners. The creation of an exchange space through the Mocopee research programme contributes to re-establish these links.

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Innover dans les pratiques de monitoring et d'exploitation des STEP - Enseignements tirés de la phase I du programme (2014-2017)

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