Modelling, control and optimisation of the wastewater treatment processes

The Mocopee programme aims to be a long-lasting space for working and sharing between scientists and stakeholders in the field of urban wastewater treatment. 


It brings together scientific teams (scientific universities, national research centres), stakeholders in water management and industrial partners. The programme also interacts with the Paris area associations active in the field of sanitation and environment (Arceau, ASTEE)


Mocopee was born in 2014. The first phase of the programme ended in 2017. The second phase started in 2018 and is scheduled to end in 2022. A more precise description of the context, scope and specific characteristics of this applied research programme is available in the subsections of the Mocopee general presentation tab.



A video to discover the Mocopee research programme in ten minutes
Produced by Nexus-fabrik (2018)

This 10 minutes video aims to describe the context and the objectives of the Mocopee research programme, with special emphasis on its second five-year phase (2018-2022).


A  short video to discover the Mocopee programme in less than 3 minutes
Produced by Nexus-fabrik (2018)

A short overview of the world of Mocopee 

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Plaquette de présentation
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Presentation brochure (English version)
Presentation brochure - English version.[...]
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Innover dans les pratiques de monitoring et d'exploitation des STEP - Enseignements tirés de la phase I du programme (2014-2017)

Ouvrage collectif - Edition  04-12- 2018

Ouvrage Mocopée - Phase I.pdf
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Associations partenaires du programme